"Brian es un profesional muy comprometido, detallista y creativo. Él es muy dedicado y responsable. Cualquier hora, es hora, para sus clientes. Atender las necesidades de sus clientes, sean veteranos o atletas, es su prioridad. Capaz de asesorarlos de manera que se hubiquen en el mercado de trabajo lo más pronto posible."  Ieda Maria Claure, Suporte de Coordenação Pedagógica no Colégio Stocco, Sao Paulo, Brasília

"I would like to introduce to you Air Force Veteran Brian Gambill. Brian is a great American and Veteran. Brian's vast knowledge in the world of resume writing will blow your mind.  He has written for many valued employees and professional athletes.  My recommendation for Brian comes wih no hesitation.  Thank you Brian for your service to our wonderful country and for the work you do for all of those you have written for.  Bravo Zulu Sir!!!"  Sean Singleton, United States Navy Veteran

"Brian Gambill is a highly trained and educated United States Air Force Veteran. Brian goes above and beyond not only to help vets with their cover letters and resumes, but also to research and provide them with potential job opportunities.

Brian also has a solid logistics and international shipping background where international cultures were critical in successful operations management.
His main quality is honesty, integrity and trustworthiness, analytical and strategic thinking skills. Brian is a great friend, classmate and coworker! He gets JOB DONE with a charming smile, extra personalized care and super positive attitude!

I highly recommend Brian and his heart for helping our veterans."  Irina Simakova , Entrepreneur, MA, MSA, World Language Professionals

"Brian is a passionate and selfless worker. I had the privilege to work with Brian in a high consequence environment and witnessed firsthand his attention to detail and critical thinking skills. He is well educated but more importantly has the experience to make any team successful. Brian was an important member of our team and I hope to work with him again."  Mark Campbell, Vice President at Energy Logistics (EnLog) Companies, United States Air Force Veteran

"It is always a privilege to connect with like-minded Veterans that serve in the community and are passionate about making the world a better place. Brian has taken the initiative to utilize his talents and background to support other's and I commend him and his ongoing efforts of servitude.

Thank you for your past and continue service!"  Bonnie L. Silver, CEO at Bonnie L. Silver, Inc., United States Army Veteran

"Brian was my student at Webster University in the Walker School of Business. He took both my Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting courses. I found Brian to be exceptionally talented and multi-skilled. He has a strong background in logistics, but also displayed a solid grasp of accounting and business principles. He has more recently added resume writing to his skill set, and he is supporting returning veterans with their efforts to enter the civilian workforce. Brian is a sincere and outgoing person, and I recommend him highly."  Bill Dorr, MBA, CPA, Financial Services Professional at MetLife Premier Client Group of the Mid-West

"I highly recommend Brian Gambill’s Certified Professional Résumé Service to individuals who are seeking a top-notch quality product. Brian’s professionalism is, by far, the most supreme and in a class of its own. The timeliness of the service that he provides not only reflects his expertise on this subject matter, but also demonstrates his commitment to veterans. Once the résumé is complete, Brian don’t stop there, he continues to reach out and assist you with potential employment opportunities. Once a service member retires from active duty, the transition into the civilian work force can be very stressful. My connection with Brian’s Certified Professional Résumé Service has help alleviate that stressful situation."  Rhonda Isaac, Retired United States Air Force/MBA Graduate

My clients have informed me that I am easy to speak with and make them feel at ease.  I take what I do seriously, putting forth all my resources to introduce the most effective products for you.

"I am honored and pleased to endorse Mr. Brian Gambill as a professional resume writer.  I was lucky enough to find Brian’s contact information through the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) website and have worked with him over the last four months to reinvent my resume as I transitioned my life to a new, unfamiliar region of the United States.  Brian not only helped me create a new and improved resume, he has gone above and beyond the services of a typical resume writer.  Brian has helped me write targeted cover letters, provided important tips on interviewing, searched for job announcements that fit my skills and experience, and even introduced me to local community members to help grow my professional network.

One of Brian’s unique resume writing skills is helping United States military veterans write a resume.  Brian helped me translate my seventeen years of military service into desirable skills recognized by civilian hiring managers.  Writing a resume as a military veteran is a difficult task due to specialized skills and unique experiences veterans have during their years as service members.  Brian really helped me look at my service in a new light and can help all veterans regardless if they need help writing about a complete military career, or trying to describe a short period of military experience gained as a young adult.   


Brian’s resume writing skills are useful if you want to write that first resume or spruce up an old, stale resume.  He took the time to create a resume that reflected my military records and prior career assessments, but he also strived to create a resume that reflected my personality, passion, and job interests.  Brian really took the time to get to know me as an individual to help make my resume unique.  For all of these reasons, I think Brian is the resume writer to hire."  Lieutenant Colonel Kelley Unsicker, United States Air Force

"I am writing on behalf of Brian Gambill, who is a former student of mine.  I am an adjunct professor teaching an on-line Operations and Project Management class in the MBA program for Webster University headquartered in St. Louis.

The course focuses on the major managerial issues in manufacturing managment and the tools that managers can utilize to deal with those issues.

For weekly individual participation grades, I assign the students particular questions from the chapters for the week, which includes discussions and challenging qualitative and quantitative problems.

Brian displayed a sense of positive character, work ethic, and intelligence when replying to the discussion questions and discussing the subject matter with his peers.  Brian is one who answers questions thoroughly and in a well-written manner.  He always presented much more than expected during these discussions, and had a way of educating the other students with his information. 

Brian was always the first to respond to the discussion assignments each week.  He is a good writer, who is clear when explaining his opinions, consistently documenting his supporting evidence.  

Brian followed directions well as evidenced by his completion of the weekly assignments and the complicated instructions for the research project.

Regarding the research project, Brian displayed excellent skills by identifying problems followed by problem resolution.  He gave specific, logical recommendations.

He is methodical in introducing a thought, analyzing the problem, giving recommendations with his back-up rationale, followed by conclusions and summary.  Here again, he justifies his facts by documenting his supporting information.

Brian did not let up with his discussion answers toward the end of the term, as many students do because of being burned out on the class.  He continued to provide well-written, thought provoking answers with his justification and references  where appropriate.

Regarding the course assignments, Brian spent much time ensuring that he submitted the correct answers.  When his answers were not correct, he made a special effort to find out where he went wrong.  He always asked for feedback for self-improvement, when he could have easily ignored the issue, going on to the next demanding assignment.   

Brian odviously read, studied, and understood the course material.  There was much material to cover each week.  In addition, the mid-term and final exams were grueling.  Brian was confident in his answers.

Brian displayed a superior command of Microsoft Word and Excel.  When answering the questions, Brian did more than expected and took the time to construct graphs and charts to make his answers easily understood.

Brian is good at analyzing situations, asking, "What is the next step," and answering with recommendations.

In summary, based on Brian's course work and participation in my class, I give him my endorsement.  I believe that he has a good sense of operations management, not only from his prior and current employment, but also because of participating in the Operations and Project Management course.  This included the research on his project and the class structure that emphasized traditional and lean manufacturing, Just-in Time, Total Production Systems, as well as the importance of cost cutting and continuous improvement."

Larry L. Lynch, Ph.D., Webster University

"I found Brian when searching the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches website.  I wanted a professional résumé and it was important that the writer be a Veteran to help capture the military experience and translate it into an executive résumé.  In talking with Brian, I was convinced that he was a good fit because he made the focus about me and how he could assist in getting where I wanted to go.  Brian was meticulous in combing through years' worth of awards, decorations and appraisals to craft a solid résumé that showcased my skills and abilities.  His contacts and job search abilities were instrumental in finding quality leads I used to relocate.  His personal touch, follow through and dedication to his clients is above reproach and I highly recommend his services." 

Robert Lang, MSM

Senior Transportation Specialist

United States Air Force Veteran

"Brian is an outstanding professional with a penchant for perfection. He managed one of the most challenging cargo deployment functions in Europe. Brian is adept at managing and leading teams of professionals on any task. He is a seasoned veteran with solid time-management skills and the ability to troubleshoot problems and quickly come up with solutions. I'd love to have him on my team again, anytime, anywhere." Adam Minnich, United States Air Force, Commander at 422 Supply Chain Management Squadron

"Please accept this letter as my recommendation for Brian Gambill.  As the Head Men’s Tennis Coach at the University of Virginia for the past 14 years, I have had the privilege of working with many talented people.

Brian Gambill is one of the most talented!  Working with Brian was a complete dream.  He is organized and professional.  He is a master of wording, as well as, formatting.  Brian’s effort on each resume is unsurpassed, and he is willing to review and revise the product until the customer’s and his expectations are met.

I have felt completely confident recommending him to many friends and fellow coaches, and I know that they have all been pleased with the outcome.  I would strongly recommend Brian’s services for anyone looking to get an edge while they are job-searching."  

Brian P. Boland

University of Virginia Head Men’s Tennis Coach

"It is my pleasure to write in support of my friend and student Brian Gambill.  Brian studied in my classroom in the MBA program at Webster University.  During our time together I witnessed his growth and development.  This development came not only in the area of Managerial Economic, but in maturity and character as well.


Brian entered the MBA program at Webster University as a returning veteran.  As many students adjusting to working and school can be a difficult undertaking.  Brian learned the valuable traits of humility, and reached out to his peers and professors to assure his success in our program.  


In my class Brian demonstrated his ability to manage his time, work in group situations under strict deadlines and displayed a strong work ethic, persistence, and follow through.  I recommend Brian as an addition to your organization with absolute confidence. 

As a teacher he made me proud, and I am sure he will continue to do so as he grows in the business community. " 

Dan Ramacciotti

Adjunct Professor

Webster University

To Whom It May Concern: 

"Please accept this letter as my recommendation for Brian Gambill.  As a Senior Coach at the Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC) and coaching for the last 11 years at the highest levels, I have had the privelege and opportunity to be around some very talented and intelligent people.  Brian is at the top of this list.

Brian is one of the most hard-working, detailed and caring human beings I have had the opportunity to work with.  His incredible passion for what he does, along with a true and honest desire to help others in their job search, is what separates him from the rest.  He put his heart and soul, along with hours of research and care, into creating the best possible resume for me.  Without his efforts I would not felt as confident walking into the interview.

Brian goes the extra mile with his clients and I cannot think of a better person more fit or able to build a resume and help someone in a job search than him.  I have recommended his services to a few of my close friends and would recommend him to anyone, as I feel his assistance gives others the extra edge they need to be be successful in their job search.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me."


Scott Brown

Senior Coach/College Advisor

Junior Tennis Champions Center


"Brian has been extremely instrumental in my job search efforts. Before receiving his resume service, I struggled with the first step: getting the foot in the door and that requires a stand out resume. After working with Brian, my resume began to receive the attention that it deserved.

Not only does Brian provide superb resume service, but he’s committed to his clients. On numerous occasions, Brian was eager to follow up with a phone call or email just to see how things were going. Brian doesn’t just provide the typical resume writing service, he is committed to your success. As a former Airman in the United States Air Force, veterans are his priority. I can personally attest that he will dedicate his efforts to ensure you are satisfied with his service.  I highly recommend Brian’s resume service to any veteran who has a need for a superior resume."  James R. McEachin, United States Air Force Retired, Security/Transportation Professional/Dept. of Defense

"I recommend Brian'€s resume writing service.  He is prior U.S. Air Force and understands military terminology.  I am also US Air Force Retired with 25 years of service and a small business owner.   Brian took 25 years of EPR€s, awards and decorations and translated them into a powerful Executive resume.  I have used this resume to obtain my firms Small Business Administration SBA 8(a) certification. This certification qualifies my firm for government contracts and assistance through the SBA.  Brian's passion is helping veterans succeed!"  Keith Curry, Owner COACHAIR Charters, United States Air Force Veteran

"Brian Gambill was one of my Airmen while I was stationed at McGuire AFB, New Jersey.  We used to deploy to places around the globe supporting worldwide mobility for the United States Air Force.  Brian came into the Air Force after he graduated college with a bachelor's degree.  This intrigued me because he entered into the Air Force as enlisted versus being an officer.  But he stated he wanted to learn the ropes as an enlisted member and he quickly distinguished himself as tier one top notch Airman.  As his mentor and supervisor, I provided him with information that would set him above all other Airmen and the rest was history.  He established himself by doing things like completing his CDCs before they were due.  This may not sound like much but it is extremely huge for progression in upgrade training if you are that person's supervisor. His eagerness to learn the ropes made my job easy.

As a matter of fact, Brian was so high speed; he was offered a job as a Unit Deployment Manager while at McGuire AFB. This was a position reserved normally for a Senior Airman or a Non-commissioned Officer.  When he accepted this position, I was able to provide mentorship for him and he ran with it and learned the do's and don'ts of the mobility world.  He learned how to track personnel and assets all over the globe, how to manage people, and how to interact with higher ranking personnel.  I must say that he was very professional and conducted himself maturely.

I left McGuire AFB in 2001 and have not been in touch with Brian since then until recently in 2014.  Brian now has his own business writing resumes for clients. A friend of mine asked me for Brian's contact number so he could re-write his resume.  Apparently, Brian is very good at what he does and has lots of business to keep him busy.  He does chronological, functional, combination or targeted resumes. He helps transitioning military personnel with resumes and will write yours if you contact him.

I enjoyed working with Brian and would work with him again."

With much respect,

John Dow, Retired United States Air Force, Transportation Manager

"Brian no necesita una recomendación. No creo que sea una persona que esté necesitado de nada. Creo que tiene todo lo que un ser humano puede desear: El cariño de todas las personas que le rodean. Estoy convencido de que nadie puede desear tener más que eso. Es una persona impresionante y fantástica aunque no lo parezca al principio."  David Spanish Garrido, Administrador General de GEO24 y profesor de español, Madrid, España

"Brian is a gentleman and a professional and I recommend him wholly and unreservedly. Insightful, intelligent, practical, practicable and professional in his craft. On a personal level, good humoured, well mannered and patient, yet driven and output focused. From a Veteran's perspective, Brian absolutely and deftly delivers in the space of translating military skills, experience and qualifications into corporate and commercial language. One would struggle to find someone of his caliber and commitment. Brian epitomizes the very best of the Armed Forces. A rare gem, personally and professionally."

Major Dan Brooks


Army Officer & Commercial Business Development Manager

"Brian is a trained and sophisticated Air Force Veteran. The discipline and hard work that it takes to be a member of the Air Force clearly carries over to his work in resume writing. Brian always quickly responded to messages regarding my resume despite the 14 hour time difference between him and I. I expected a basic resume that would achieve the bare minimum since I needed a resume in such a short period of time. Brian went above and beyond my expectations by asking me to include details in my resume that I didn't think of before, and also giving my resume an attractive design. Thanks a lot Brian for all of your help! "

Nathan Pasha 

Professional Tennis Player

"Brian is a good friend, gentleman, veteran, and consummate professional! His motivation and drive is unyielding and always exceeds expectations. I am honored to serve alongside this great man!" 

James Young

Licensed Agent at New York Life Insurance Company

United States Air Force Veteran, Retired 


vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe beim Erstellen meines Motivationsschreibens. Ich werde Sie definitiv weiterempfehlen! Sie haben dank Ihrer Kompetenzen meine Bewerbungsunterlagen perfektioniert.
Freundliche Grüße"

Iman Schnelle

Summer Intern at North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

"Vielen Dank für die ausgezeichnete Arbeit Brian! Das Résumé hat mir in nur kurzer Zeit einige Job Interviews eingebracht und repräsentiert meine Stärken in einem effektiven Sil. Außerderm bedanke ich mich für die schnelle und angenehme Zusammenarbeit und freue mich auf Projectke in der Zukunf!

Johannes Schretter

Student at Baylor University

BBA in Supply Chain Management

Baylor Men's Tennis Team

"Brian is a wealth in his chosen craft. He has a penchant for assisting and furthering the career aspirations of others. My four years of experience working with Brian has been superlative, particularly regarding his customer service and his expertise in resume writing and biographies. Brian has an astute mind but more importantly is a patient, personable, reliable, consistent, and efficient worker. I strongly recommend Brian to anybody that is in need of the many services he offers. He is a complete value-add and is 100% worth your time."

Harrison Richmond

Tennis Professional at ATP Tour, Inc.

"Ridiculously efficient is the first thing that I think of when I think of Mr. Gambill. I have had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now but professionally and as a friend. I was particularly impressed with his ability to juggle numerous projects at the same time. For example, helping someone creating a standout resume while also writing a book. Not to even mention still making time to go fishing with me and my little brother. At the end of the day, Mr. Gambill would be an asset to any team or company." 

Bryce Boland

Student Athlete at Baylor University


"Хочу поблагодарить замечательного человека, профессионала, который превосходно выполнил свою работу в составлении моего резюме. Этого человека зовут Брайан Гембилл. Мне очень повезло, что мне порекомендовали именно его для этой работы.
Брайан с глубоким смыслом отнесся к созданию моего резюме. Ему потребовалось несколько недель, чтобы отточить резюме и сделать из него шедевр. Если этот человек берется за работу, он доведет ее до конца и сделает все возможное и невозможное, чтобы Вы нашли работу своей мечты, чтобы работодатель посмотрел на Вас с самой лучшей стороны, открыв лучшие качества и грани Вашей личности. Только представить: искусство Брайана включает в себя описать и включить самые важные детали Вашей жизни и работы только в нескольких листах и изяществом, правильно донести это до работодателя или третьего лица. Поэтому, подитоживая вышенаписанное: Брайан Гембилл – это Профессионал с Большой Буквы!!!"

Olena Rudenko

Language Professional  


A quien corresponda,

"Como Director de Programa de IE3 Global, proveedor y diseñador de experiencias internacionales para estudiantes universitarios norteamericanos, hago constancia de que conozco a Brian Gambill desde hace dos años, cuando unimos para crear un programa académico nuevo en España, que le alcanzaba los objetivos de su grado de Oregon State University.  Siendo veterano de las fuerzas armadas de los EEUU, Brian estuvo en una situación diferente de otros estudiantes y trabajamos en conjunto con su coordinadora académica y la oficina de Veterans Affairs para identificar todos los requerimientos y oportunidades para estrenar una experiencia dirigida a exmilitares utilizando sus beneficios institucionales bajo el programa federal del G.I. Bill.

Brian es una persona constante y adaptable, con una gran capacidad de comunicarse con eficacia.  Llevando a cabo nuestro proyecto requería habilidades grandes de gestión de proyectos, y Brian mostró sus hábitos de comunicación precisa y seguimiento continuo a lo largo de nuestra relación profesional.  Encima, Brian ha mostrado un avance muy importante en su capacidad lingüistica durante sus cinco semanas de estudio en Madrid en 2016.  Su personalidad abierta, honesta, responsable, y trabajadora, combinado con sus detrezas comunicativas, le hará exitoso en una gran variedad de circumstancias personales y profesionales.  Por tanto, es un gran placer poder recomendar a Brian para cualquier oferta de trabajo que se le presenta." 


Jerry Gaube

Director de Programa

IE3 Global

Oregón, EEUU


"Imao sam privilegiju da preko linkedina upoznam gospodina Briana Gambila koji mi je pruzao veliku podrsku pri pronalazenju posla.  Narocito bih istakao njegovu ulogu kod sastavljanja profesionalnog CV-ija, gde mi je pruzio visoko strucnu podrsku i usmerio me u pravom smeru.  Takodje me je pozvezao sa dosta uticajnih ljudi i pomogao da steknem sjajne profesionalne kontakte.  Cak i nakon pomoci oko CV-ija, Brian je uvek bio pri ruci za bilo koju vrstu saveta/pomoci, i nastavio je da odrzava kontakt.  Zahvalan sam mu na tome i preporucio bih svima gdina Briana kao visoko strucnog profesionalca!"

Luka Djurisic

Jr. Data Analyst at Autodesk

"Brian Gambill is one of the most selfless individuals I know.  We are both veterans from the United States Air Force and continue to stay in touch and help one another.  Recently, Brian assisted me in developing my resume writing skills, which had a great deal of impact on my employment.  Brian's selflessness enhanced my professional image, knowledge and perception that employers have of me.  I continue to communicate with Brian on both a professional and personal level.  Knowing him has certainly impacted my life in great ways.  Brian will continuously follow the Air Force core values of integrity first, service before self and excellence in all he does."

Jesse Livesay

Host Based Security System Administrator at BlueWater Federal Solutions

United States Air Force Security Forces Veteran


"Vorrei ringraziare un mio carissimo amico e collega Americano Brian L. Gambill il quale mi ha dato ottimi e preziosi consigli sia personali che di lavoro. So che posso sempre contare su Brian L. Gambill anche se vive in un altro continente. É una persona di alti valori, crede vivamente nella famiglia, amici, giustizia, patria e Bandiera proprio come me perché entrambi abbiamo servito con onore i nostri Paesi."

Un saluto da un vero amico,

Francesco Pomposo
Liaison Officer at Gower College Swansea, First Responder at Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust